13 Haunted Halloween Crafts for Kids

While it can be all too easy to decorate your home in Halloween foolery that you made yourself, it might be worth taking a step back and letting your kids help you! Kids that spend the day at home or kids that need something to do on a Saturday can create some pretty fun Halloween crafts that you won’t mind displaying on your fridge. It keeps them busy and gets the house Halloween-ready which is a win win for you. So get out your crafting supplies, grab your minis and get them started on these 13 Halloween crafts for kids.

Clay halloween houses

Don’t think that you need to wait until Christmas to build mini houses. Bust out the colored clay and let your kids craft mini haunted houses for your mantle. Add some Christmas lights to get the real haunted glowing effect. (via Babble Dabble Do)

Candy corn bunting

Time for a new banner in the dining room? Before you go crazy with patterned cloth, let your kids go to town on some paper plates. The older ones can even cut them into pie pieces and string them together for you. Then you can all stand back and admire your work. (via Typically Simple)

Cotton ball ghost

Isn’t this ghostie adorable? Cotton balls, paper and glue are all that’s required for this fun little craft. Let your kids make as many as they can with your cotton ball stash and you can create a ghoulish ghost gallery wall in your living room. (via 366 Days of Pinterest)

Pumpkin window cling

The best crafts are the ones that can be played with after crafting time is over. With scissors and cling film, you can have your older kids cut out faces for a pumpkin that your little ones can mix and match on the window later. (via Crafts Unleashed)

Monster rocks craft

Everybody has rocks, right? Whether it’s outside in your yard or a collection that you’re little one has in a box someplace. Turn those stones into colorful happy friends with this craft. Depending on the size of the fingers, you might need to help them glue on the googly eyes. But they’ll be BFFs all Halloween long! (via One Artsy Mama)

Pumpkin pendant necklace

Bigger kids get picky about their crafts. But these pendants promise to lure them away from the TV and to the table to spend a little time with creativity. You can make apples and pumpkins and even ghosts! (via Northstory)

Popsicle stick ghost

Little hands need all the practice in gluing and painting that they can get. This craft is perfect for both those things. After maybe a little help getting the sticks in the right place, they can go to town with the white paint. Stick a magnet on the back if you like and display them on your fridge. (via Glued to My Crafts)

Collage craft pumpkins

Speaking of the fridge, don’t forget to do a craft for it’s decor too! Gather up those old magazines so kids can spend a little time cutting. Then they’ll need some glue to create these collage pumpkins. For fingers too small for scissors, give them your box of buttons and eyes and pom poms and all those random crafty things. (via Reading Confetti)

Paper bag Frankenstien puppet

It’s puppet time! Kids will enjoy painting a paper bag all green and turning it into a Frankenstein friend. Be forewarned, it will probably come to the table for dinner. (via I Heart Crafty Things)

Felt pumpkin craft

Felt is such a fun and versatile crafting medium. Take a few minutes to cut out some happy faces and you’ll provide your child hours of play with their very own kid-friendly Jack O’ Lantern. (via The Nerd’s Wife)

Pasta monsters craft

Every family has a box of opened pasta in their pantry. Let your kids into yours for an afternoon of creativity and monsters. They can experiment with dying the pasta and then giggle away while they make fun little monsters out of them. (via Crafts By Amanda)

Paper plate spider

While we don’t desire real spiders in our homes, these paper plate bugs will be acceptable. Let each child make one and you can hang them from the dining room chandelier for a spooky dinner. (via I Heart Crafty Things)

Halloween toy characters

How cute are these mini monsters? Put those wine corks to use with a little paint and maybe some felt or cotton balls. Your older ones will love making these little guys. (via Molly Moo)