Hacker kitchen.germanMade Stand from Salone del Mobile, Milan 2012

Today I had the chance to get to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano and on my way to the pavilion I met Adrian and Alexandra from Theorema. They are both representing Hacker Germani in Romania. After talking for a while I found out they are subscribers of Homedit.com and they read our articles on a daily basis. I was pleased to hear that. When we reached the Salon we had to take another bus to the western gate and there we entered the kitchen pavilion where I had the chance to take a look at the german kitchens before their official introduction.

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For the fourth consecutive time, Hacker kitchens are occupying a large exhibition stand at the Erurocucina.The stand with a surface area of 600 m was designed again by the Stefano Semprebon, which hosts 5 innovative kitchens. The focal point of the stand was the emotionNOVA kitchen.So, the kitcheb opens new space for creative ideas. Levitating  lightness in clean black is set against a walnut wave color to create an exciting contrast  that reflects the “iPhone”kitchen architecture.More articles should come in the next days.