Stability and innovation represented in an unusual manner in Montreal

When you envision a structure designed to represent stability you don’t picture something suspended or asymmetrical which is why this residential complex is so unusual. Dubbed Habitat 67, the complex is located on the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal. Initially, it served as pavilion housing for the Expo 67 and it was built in 1967.

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Although it’s an old structure, the complex still manages to impress and even to compete with contemporary designs. The concept of this structure was based on the cube which is a symbol of stability. However, it wasn’t used as some would have expected it.

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In fact, stability is the last thing that comes to mind when you see this residential complex. The structures looks like they going to fall the next minute and this doesn’t make them very appealing for some people. But being innovative means taking risks and creating unusual designs and this is what the complex represents.

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When the whole thing was restructured into a residential complex, around 148 families and individuals moved in and formed a community envied by the rest of the people and this definitely had something to do with the design of the complex. The most interesting thing about the complex is that it has such a revolutionary and innovative design, an idea usually typical to modern and contemporary creations and projects, and yet it’s visible that it’s an old structure. Also, it’s very intriguing how such an apparently unstable structure can be based on a symbol of stability and can be so well-designed.