LeafFilter vs. LeafGuard: Which Has the Best Performance?

LeafFilter and LeafGuard are leading brands in the gutter protection industry. The gutter guards keep leaves, twigs, and pollen from your gutters. Both gutter protection systems have different designs and installation methods. 

Comparing brands helps you pick the right gutter guard for your gutters. When choosing a gutter protection system, consider the materials, cost, warranties, and more.

LeafFilter vs. LeafGuard: Quick Comparison

LeafFilter vs. LeafGuard

LeafFilter is a micro-mesh screen that only allows rainwater into the gutters. The three-piece system consists of a stainless steel micro-mesh, a uPVC frame, and hidden hangers. With a 275-micron mesh, the gutter guards filter out shingle grit, pollen, pine needles, and small particles.

LeafGuard is a one-piece gutter system. The seamless system is a combination of a gutter and a gutter guard. It’s made of heavy-duty aluminum, which is 20% thicker than standard gutters. 

LeafGuard uses surface tension to let water flow in the gutters while repelling dirt. Debris and leaves fall to the ground. LeafGuard guarantees homeowners a no-clog system with minimal maintenance.

Guter Company LeafFilterLeafGuard 
BBB RatingA+A+
CoverageAvailable in Canada and 43 states (except New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, and Hawaii)Available in 36 states (except  New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, Hawaii, Delaware, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, West Virginia)
Years of Operation1729
InstallationProfessional installationProfessional installation
Gutter Guard StyleMicro-mesh screenReverse curve system
MaterialStainless steelAluminum
PricingFree QuoteFree Quote
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LeafFilter Gutter Services & Features

LeafFilter Gutter Services & Features

LeafFilter offers gutter guard installation in 43 states across North America. Aside from gutter guard installation, the company also replaces old gutters. LeafFilter professionals give free home inspections and price estimates.

During the inspection, they check the condition of your gutters. The installers clean, seal and realign your existing gutters before installing gutter covers. With LeafFilter, you get a clog-free and durable gutter system. A lifetime transferable warranty backs the product.

LeafFilter Pros & Cons


  • Free home inspection and estimates
  • Installs on existing gutters
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Financing available


  • The warranty does not cover damages during installation

LeafGuard Services & Features

LeafGuard Services & Features

LeafGuard replaces existing gutters with a patented one-piece gutter system. The gutter system is custom-fit for every roof and works on all roof types and pitches. LeafGuard’s professionals remove and dispose of your existing gutters. Since the seamless gutters are extruded on-site, they are sturdy and durable. 

The hooded system prevents entry of leaves, pine needles, and fir needles. Installing LeafGuard also prevents the nesting of birds in gutters. LeafGuard gutters have a patented ScratchGuard® paint finish. The paint is resistant to chipping, peeling, and rusting.

LeafGuard has several offers on its website. Homeowners get a $100 VISA gift card after participating in a 60- 90 minute home inspection. The product’s lifetime transferable warranty covers the manufacturer’s defects, ScratchGuard®, and performance. LeafGuard offers to clean the gutters for free in case they clog.

LeafGuard Pros & Cons


  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Seamless installation
  • Financing available


  • Does not install on existing gutters

Warranty Terms

LeafFilter’s lifetime warranty covers the performance of the micromesh screen. There is also a one-year workmanship warranty. The company guarantees its customers a durable and clog-free system. If the gutter guards malfunction, LeafFilter will repair or issue a refund.

The warranty is transferable to new homeowners if you sell your house. A lifetime warranty increases the house’s resale value and attracts new buyers. Homeowners can register their warranty on the website.

LeafGuard warrants any manufacturing defects and the ScratchGuard® finishes. The brand guarantees that the gutter system will not crack, peel, deteriorate, chip, split or rot under normal conditions. The manufacturer will repaint, repair or replace the gutter guards in case of defects.

LeafGuard also guarantees the performance of its system. The installing dealer handles attaching the system. Under the no-clog warranty, the dealer should remedy a clogged LeafGuard gutter system. Once LeafGuard’s lifetime warranty is transferred to a new homeowner, it reduces to 50 years.

Ease of Installation

LeafFilter’s professionals check your gutters for any damages during a home inspection. They clean, seal and realign the gutters before installation. Hidden hangers are then attached to reinforce the gutters to the fascia board.

LeafFilter gutter protection slides under the gutters. The micro-mesh attaches to the gutter lip using screws. LeafFilter’s built-in pitch makes installation easier and allows the gutter guards to shed debris. Installation takes a few hours to a day, depending on the linear feet of the gutters. It takes longer if your gutters need replacement.

LeafGuard hires local licensed professionals to measure and custom-fit the gutter system. They use a roll-forming machine to extrude the one-piece system on-site. Before installing the seamless gutters, installers must disassemble and dispose of old gutters.

LeafGuard’s patented hangers are set two feet apart to support the system. The installation team measures the gutter pitch to maximize the flow of water. The team also installs new downspouts.

Customer Support

Customers can reach LeafGuard via 888-460-6898. The company is active on all social media platforms. The Resource Center on their website provides answers to common gutter-related questions.

For free estimates and inquiries on LeafFilter, call the support team at 1-800-290-6106. You can also connect on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.


The cost of installing gutter guards depends on your roof’s linear footage and scope of work. Home inspections by LeafGuard and LeafFilter representatives help estimate the cost of installation.

LeafFilter Cost

LeafFilter charges $15- $45 per linear foot for gutter guard installation. Installation costs increase if you need gutter repairs or replacement. Seniors and military personnel are eligible for a 10% discount.

LeafFilter’s Financing Options

LeafFilter provides financing for its products through Wells Fargo. You can pay for goods worth $500 and above within 12 months at zero percent interest.

LeafGuard Cost

LeafGuard assures customers of good prices for their products. Despite not having any pricing information online, the company provides free installation quotes. Sales representatives measure your home’s size and determine the length of gutters you need. LeafGuard partners with Synchrony Bank to avail various financing options for their customers.

LeafFilter vs. LeafGuard: Our Take

LeafFilter and LeafGuard are efficient in keeping your gutters clean. LeafFilter is suitable for homes with existing gutters that are in good condition. It’s also cheap to replace and repair the micro-mesh. You only need to remove the damaged piece and screw in a new one.

If you need a revamp of your whole gutter system, then LeafGuard is an ideal option. The seamless system is leak-free and is available in different colors. One-piece gutter systems are sturdy and handle heavy rains. LeafGuard systems handle 32 inches of rain per hour and have large downspouts to drain more water.