Guest Bedroom Before and After by Brook and Jason

Sometimes I get bored with the arrangements that are in my house and I try to make some changes in order to get a new fresh décor. In time the colors become fading; the furniture gets old and out of fashion and everything seems to be more uncomfortable. It is the reason why sometimes these changes are very benefic. Besides the fact that they help us get a new mood they are also necessary to get a more comfortable and healthy ambient.

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Beds may need some repairing, the dresser looks old or the colors of the walls can exhaust you instead of creating a beautiful and attractive room.Brook’s guest room came to be in the same situation. The white and black combination became dull, the bed did not look too comfortable and the entire room was not attractive enough. So everything was in need of a complete makeover in order to get a whole new and beautiful guest room.

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Brook sold everything in order to get some money and bought different recyclable and cheep pieces which helped her to get the result she had wanted. There were used combinations of grey and yellow for the whole room which made it become more warm and welcoming. The white frame on the wall with the vinyl lettering was one of the attractions of the room and could make you feel more comfortable. The comfortable bed with the lovely pillows, the white side table and the white and yellow lamp are elements which make of this guest room a more charming and lovely place.{found on yourfavoriteraymonds}