15 Shower Curtains Perfect for a Grown Up Bathroom

While walk in showers are a lovely luxury, many of us are stuck with the plain bathtubs that require a shower curtain. It can be easy to go for whales or frogs, especially if you have little ones. But a kids shower curtain only makes you feel like you’re in the wrong bathroom. They don’t care if there are whales or not, as long as you have the bath toys! That is my argument for trading the kiddie curtains for something beautiful and grown up. Something fit for an adult’s bathroom. Here are 15 shower curtains to get you thinking beyond rubber duck patterns and ready for a bathroom makeover.

scalloped shower curtain

When the rest of your life is go go go, shower time can be the only pampering time you get. Dress your bathtub with this scalloped shower curtain for a touch of simplicity at it’s best. You will feel like you walked into an elegant spa. (via Anthropologie)

matelasse shower curtain

Trying to decorate your bathroom to match your French styled home? Give this beautiful dove gray matelasse shower curtain a go. The soft look will flow perfectly with the rest of the fabrics in your home. I’ll bet it will become your favorite addition in no time. (via West Elm)

bold stripes shower curtain

When you’re needing a bold pop in the bathroom, stripes are definitely the way to go. Blue like this could say nautical or it could say you have a child without being super obvious. Or just because you like big bold stripes! (via West Elm)

watercolor floral shower curtain

Girls, pay attention. You’re going to adore the watercolor cascade of flowers that this shower curtain brings to your bathroom. It’s feminine and will make you think of spring all year long. (via Bed, Bath and Beyond)

lacey shower curtain

Speaking of girly shower curtains, I sighed when I saw this one. The frilly bottom is just enough to let you know that a woman showers here, but not so much as to belong in your grandma’s house. (via Anthropologie)

striped linen shower curtain

Turkish towels are all the rage. If you’ve got them in your bathroom, you’re going to want this striped shower curtain to match. It’s gray stripes are fun with an added fringe and it looks just like those turkish towels. (via Urban Outfitters)

sketched ship shower curtain

Anchors aweigh! Men and boys alike will love spying this sketched ship on their bathtub. It can easily fit in the kid’s bathroom or a masculine bachelor pad, complete with rope lights and rustic wood floor. (via Waiting on Martha)

intricate patterned shower curtain

Patterns are good for grown up bathroom spaces, especially when you get into intricate designs like this. Whether you go with this pattern or something paisley, you won’t regret swapping the frogs for these dots and lines. (via World Market)

floral picture shower curtain

If you’re covering your home in vintage dictionary prints like me, you might want to consider this shower curtain for your bathroom. It has that feel of dictionary print or even art museum painting, all on one large beautiful canvas. (via Anthropologie)

marble shower curtain

Marble patterned anything is always a hit. That’s why this shower curtain is perfect for the chic modern bathroom. Pair it with glossy black tile and you’ve got a match that you’ll keep around for years and years. (via Design Life Kids)

ruffles shower curtain

Sometimes it’s hard to decide between a monochrome shower curtain and an interesting shower curtain. With this beauty, you don’t have to decide. The creamy color will compliment whatever else you’ve got going on in your bathroom and the ruffles will keep your eyes busy. (via Urban Outfitters)

ombre shower curtain

Ombre anyone? It’s a great way to bring your family friendly style into the bathroom without sacrificing any grown up vibes. Not to mention it will bring many complimenting shades into your bathroom! (via Target)

ruffled ticking shower curtain

There’s nothing like old style ticking when you’re decorating a country style home. This shower curtain promises to help make your bathroom a lovely country retreat from the world. All you have to do is provide the towels. (via Pottery Barn)

jumbo dots shower curtain

Okay so maybe this black and white shower curtain came from a children’s interior decorating website… but I can totally see this shower curtain hanging alongside those sketched fashion prints with metallic touches. Don’t you agree? (via The Land of Nod)

striped dots shower curtain

If it happens that all these shower curtains have been too bland and plain for you, here’s something a little more vibrant and just as grown up. All those lines of dots will help you make the perfect transition from whale covered bathroom to grown up retreat. (via The Century House)