Grogeous Peninsular Property With A Retractable Ceiling

Have you ever heard any one bragging about having a house on its own peninsula? Well, somebody can! This house is build on a private peninsula, a few minutes away from the center of Gothenburg, Sweden. This property represents a wonderful oasis of peace in the heart of nature, a great open space in closeness to the sea and forest.  The main building is spread over 1,363 square meters. From all this space, 444 square meters consist of living space, as well as over 600 square meters of auxiliary space including a helicopter hangar, a workshop, storage areas and energy control rooms.

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Probably the main attraction is the 222 square meters  pool area placed under a glass retractable dome. Thanks to this design  the facility can be used non-stop, whatever the season and the temperatures outside. Northern countries have traditionally wood burning saunas. This makes no exception  and it has a  wonderful sauna near the shoreline to maintain your health and lose weight all year round.

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Inside the residential area we can find spacious bedrooms with en suite  bathrooms, a kitchen  with dining area  and plenty of storage space. There is also a big library with built in bookshelves and a fireplace and separate office areas. The entire property is autonomous, tanks to massive diesel tanks and generators the facility produces its own energy .At the lower level there is the helicopter hangar with retractable doors for a fast and easy access to the property or  the nearby cities.{found on skeppsholmen}.