Grey is the New Black

Grey has become a popular color choice in design, but it needs to be used carefully to prevent a room appearing drab or dull. With some clever techniques, grey becomes trendy and beautiful.

Switch the Color Rules.

Orange grey bedroom

Grey with green

Although you might be tempted to stick to the tried-and-tested rule of making your wall color a soft neutral and then brightening up a room with brighter colors, this rule can – and should – be broken! Try out some grey furniture or accessories against a brighter shade on the wall. Grey works well in small bursts, earthing louder shades.

Choose One Wall.

Grey bedroom wall

Grey bedroom wall1
Grey can be a soothing paint color, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm all four walls. This is especially the case in a room that does not receive much light – too much grey can have the effect of making it appear smaller and darker. Choosing to go with grey on only one wall can be more effective because the grey stands out. Using grey with white works well to create a modern, bright look.

Grey Brings out Your Theme.

Traditional bedroom grey

Grey is versatile and can work with many different styles of décor. In fact, using grey with different colors and textures helps to solidify the theme in a room. For instance, teaming grey with some pink or floral styles can have a feminine effect.

Grey living room

On the other hand, using grey as a background color for a masculine room can work well with metal accessories and black-and-white wall patterns.

Easy Grey DIY.

Grey yellow living

Grey can be a good décor choice if you aren’t that clued up on interior decorating! Add a few injections of color that work well with grey to bring the room together. Great colors that work with grey include bright yellow.

Grey pink room

Purple is another grey-friendly color. You can see how small bursts of it give the room a fashionable feel because the grey provides a great background for it.

Not Just Any Grey Will Do.

Concrete floor

Before you start splashing grey on the walls or buying grey furniture, make sure you choose the right shade of grey. There are three common color undertones that can appear in grey. These are purple, green and blue. Grey that has a green undertone is usually more neutral. Such grey shades blend with many different colors as well as wood furniture.

Shades of greey

Blue-based greys are popular choices for many people because they are bolder. They work well with bright colours such as yellow or red, as well as warm textures like wood and brass or bronze. These color and texture touches prevent the blue-grey from creating a cold color tone.

Grey kitchen

Grey that has a purple undertone can be used for a more dramatic effect. It works well with white, that takes away a bit of its hardness, as well as darker greys that stabilize it.

Entryway door

Strong accents in the form of metal accessories or doors work well with purple-grey for a modern look.

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