Green table by Emily Wettstein

There is a true “green” current nowadays in the world and many people support it , whether they are famous or simple people like you and me. Well, apparently some of us have different ideas about this concept and take things literally. Take a look at this “green” table that was designed by Emily Wettstein and you will see what I mean. This original designer took a very normal looking table that was made of rough wood and then painted and polished a bit and cut it in two halves along it. The cut was irregular, having curves and leaving room for something special in the middle.

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Actually this is the most interesting part: what’s inside – in the middle of it. The designer crafted and inserted a removable planter that you can use or not, depending on your wish. You can fill it with soil and then plant whatever you want there, starting with grass and finishing with garden flowers. When these grow, the image of a dark brown wooden table with fresh green grass in the middle will be amazing. I honestly tell you I like the idea very much and, even if I don’t know if I can purchase it or not online I will try to craft something similar next summer. I promise.