Green Prototype Building Looks Like A Giant Tree With Windows

Designed to serve as a reference in sustainable architecture for other future projects, the CSI-IDEA Building is the result of the collaboration between Juan Blazquez and Oficina Tecnica Municipal Ayuntamiento Alhaurin de la Torre. The location is the city of Malaga in Spain.

CSI IDEA Building green facade

CSI IDEA Building windows in canopy

The building was built here in 2015 and covers an area of 618 square meters. The main focus of the project was sustainability and this is also the reason why the building was designed to resemble a giant tree with windows in its canopy.

CSI IDEA Building back facade

CSI IDEA Building back facade geometric design

Certified by the Green Building Council of Spain, the project uses a variety of sustainable design strategies. They include passive heating and cooling and reduced overall energy consumption. The envelope of the building has extra insulation designed to help with that.

CSI IDEA Building green facade side view

CSI IDEA Building vertical gardens

Other sustainable design strategies include the rainwater harvesting system, the use of solar energy, efficient lighting and recycled and recyclable materials throughout. Moreover, a distinct characteristic of the building is its green facade. What’s also impressive and inspiring for future projects is the fact that the power generated by the building exceeds the energy demand. In other words, it produces more than it uses.

CSI IDEA Building passage underneath

CSI IDEA Building passage to park

Another concern related to this project was the minimization of its impact on the neighborhood. In order to ensure that, the architects and designers worked together to come up with a friendly and aesthetic solution. The building was elevated in order to allow people to reach the park. This also allowed the team to design the pillars that support the structure as concrete branches and tree trunks.

CSI IDEA Building supporting pillars

The vertical gardens that adorn the facade of the building are facing the neighboring houses and thus provide a fresh and beautiful view.

CSI IDEA Building interior curved ceiling

CSI IDEA Building interior curved wall

The structure serves as a prototype for the future zero energy buildings that will be added to the area. Such designs will become mandatory for public administration buildings from 2018 and for new structures from 2020. This unique project serves as inspiration for everything that will follow.

CSI IDEA Building interior fluid decor

CSI IDEA Building interior office

The building serves as an office structure and its interior is contemporary, minimalist and elegant, featuring smooth, curvacious lines, delicate angles and transparent spaces. The building’s curved shell inspired some of the interior design features and the overall very fluid décor.

CSI IDEA Building interior staircase

CSI IDEA Building interior staircase closeup

The interior uses materials such as metal, wood and glass in a very harmonious way and the result is a very pleasant and inviting ambiance throughout. The colors are kept simple and neutral in order to also maintain a professional look.

CSI IDEA Building interior color accents