Green Islands Ottomans from Offect

Living in the city involves a lot of things, including the assumed fact that you will have less access to nature, that you will be surrounded by less plants and trees. That is why some designers thought they could do something about it and bring nature closer to city people. So the guys from Offect came up with the O2asis project. This project has the O2 (oxygen) as part of the name, suggesting that it is very concerned with the pollution and the greenhouse effect. Any way, the basic idea of this project is to create “green” furniture literally. That means they integrated a plant or a little tree (exotic tree for a better visual effect) as part of the pieces of furniture they produce.

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The Green Islands ottomans are round or square ottomans that have a special place where they place a flower pot. It contains a natural flower or little tree and this makes the whole appearance really pleasant. The designer Jean-Marie Massaud had this brilliant idea of combining nature with his pieces of furniture and make them stay together as a whole. As you can see from the pictures, he even tried to choose the most natural colors for these ottomans – white and green – and this gives the “island” a more natural look. I honestly love the idea.

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