Green Design and Why You Should Use it

Eco-friendly décor has become trendy in recent years. Not only is it sustainable and therefore good for the environment because natural materials are used, but it can also infuse a room with a great new look. Here are some tips on how to achieve green design for brand newness on a budget.


Bamboo flooring

Flooring is an important part of any room because it can pull together the décor theme and it also brings texture to a room. Bamboo is a great example of eco-friendly flooring. It is easy to maintain and clean, and can add freshness to décor. It is also a great idea for use in a room where you want to bring in a touch of nature.

Kitchen flooring

There are different kinds of bamboo flooring – some are darker and appear grainy, while others are clear and light. So, there are many options available depending on what your room’s décor is about. This tiger stranded bamboo, for example, gives the room a rustic feel.

Upcycled Furniture.

Trolley or cart
A trolley or cart can be used as a vanity in the bathroom.
Mirror frame old
An old mirror or mirrored door can be restored to become an eye-catching piece in a room.

Upcycling has become a big trend in fashion and décor. It refers to the process of taking unwanted, old accessories and transforming them into new items that can add something special to your living space. Let your creativity run free and see what beautiful things you make!


Cork floor

Cork is used quite a bit in décor and it can provide sustainable flooring that comes in a variety of styles. Cork on the whole is a great insulator and soft to the touch. Cork tiles are especially modern and trendy, providing a refreshing change from regular tiles.

Cork wall design

Cork bath mat
Alternatively, wine corks can be used to create a bath mat.

Don’t dispose of old wine corks – they can be used in your décor! Why not transform them into a striking piece of artwork for a bare wall?

Solar Panels.

Solar power panles

Solar panels create electricity by absorbing the sun’s radiation. They’re a great way to ensure more eco-friendly power usage. Although expensive to purchase, they save money on electricity bills over time. Not just functional, solar panels can also contribute to home décor by being installed as a roof hangover. In this way they look decorative while serving a great eco-friendly purpose.


Hemp bath

It’s often the small touches to a room that can add depth and creativity. Hemp is a great eco-friendly material for this effect. It can be used in accessories, such as shower curtains, as in this hemp linen example:

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