Great Futuristic Desk Design by Jeroen Verhoeven

I guess everybody knows how an ordinary desk looks like. Usually it has a rectangular shape, made of wood or other material and provides space for your different objects that you need when you sit here and work.

Futuristic desk design 02

Now your image may change once you notice this great futuristic desk design created by Jeroen Verhoeven. It is an extraordinary piece of furniture called The Lectori Salutem Desk. You will be impressed by its highly- polished steel material that makes it look like a gorgeous silver jewelry that can surprise any person that will see it. Its 165 parts are joined piece by piece with bolts and nuts and the dimensions of 2340 ×1100 × 770mm are very well structured so that the distribution of its weight and the exquisite streamline curves and floating contours create a perfect equilibrium.

The Lectori Salutem Desk is a work of art and a wonderful functional piece of furniture where the personal mark of its maker can be noticed by watching the two silhouette portraits of the artist’s design collaborators, Joep Verhoeven and Judith Graauw that are shaped into its undulating surfaces.

Futuristic desk design 02

The combination of the highly skilled craftsmanship and the carefully programmed technical processes make of The Lectori Salutem Desk an exquisite piece of furniture.