7 Budget-Friendly Ways To Customize Your Window Curtains

Curtains are the type of accessory which is not always needed but which can greatly influence a room’s décor and ambiance by either being there or being absent. The design of the curtains also influences the room overall. The methods you can use to customize the curtains without requiring professional help include painting, decorating or even actually making the curtains yourself from scratch.


Every such project starts with a piece of fabric. In this case, black and white stripes were chosen. After the fabric was cut to size, a thin rail was added so a fold could be created. The bottom portion of the fabric was then pulled up with some twine.

Diy painetd curtain

You can paint stripes on a plain white curtain if you want to change its look. For example, some gold stripes can really make it stand out, offering it a more elegant and chic look. The supplies required include plain white cotton curtains, some fabric paint, a paint brush, gold spray paint and painter’s tape. Check out squirrellymind for more details.

Water color curtain

If you’re going to paint your curtains, you could also try a different design strategy: watercolor curtains. The technique is described on hydrangeahippo. You can combine any colors you desire. The result will always be an artistic design. Use plain white cotton fabric or cotton curtains if you already have them. The project is quite simple and a lot of fun.

Black and white curtain

Black and white is always a beautiful combination of colors and it never gets old or out of fashion. The ways in which you can combine these two colors when designing your window curtains are numerous and stripes aren’t your only option. Check out cuckoo4design for a different design idea.

DIY gold leaf curtains

You can also choose to embellish your curtains with some gold paint just to create some contrast or to make them match a certain feature already existent in the room. For example, you can match the curtains to the light fixture or to a piece of furniture. To get a look similar to that featured on thegatheredhome you’ll need, gold leaf, spray adhesive, spray sealer and tape.

Curtains from bed sheets

The idea suggested on nalleshouse is so simple and clever you must definitely try it. Basically it shows how you can turn a bed sheet into a window curtain. This would work out great if you were to have a bed sheet with an interesting design or pattern. Of course, the size would have to be right as well.

Abstract paint curtainn

Perhaps an abstract design would be a better option for your home. You can come up with this design yourself and create it using fabric paint in different colors and paint brushes with varying widths. Use tape if needed. Given how creative the project on abeautifulmess is, you can also consider using the idea for the curtain in the kids’ room and let them paint the curtains themselves.