“Grass” Clock

I have a huge admiration for those rich guys from different parts of the world who have big domains to take care and choose to arrange it beautifully instead of just letting it go wild. And they hire very skilled gardener who are able to turn gardens into real works of art. I remember all those bushes carves like statues or geometrical shapes. Here is a very nice item you can use for decorating your garden: the “Grass” Clock. This clock is obviously covered with grass, so it is perfect for outdoors, but it is totally functional, so you can tell the time by simply watching it.

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It has an aluminum frame and white numbers and it is big enough to be seen in the garden and not go unnoticed and stepped over (24″). You will enjoy it all summer long and I think this is the perfect time to purchase it, with warm days knocking at the door. You can have it for $330 and you can even choose the colour of the frame according to your preferences. I like it and I think it is an unusual and very nice accessory for the garden and even if you do not have a garden and have only a patio or maybe a few yards of grass around the house, the Grass Clock will fit perfectly.