Graphite pendant lamp

Although Thomas Edison  took all the credit for the invention of the light bulb, he wasn’t in fact the true inventor. With almost one year before Edison created General Electric, a British inventor called Joseph Swan obtained the patent for the light bulb. Of course, Edison deserves all the appreciation because he had the technological capability to mass produce, saving the world form darkness.  An homage to Edison was brought with this replica of his initial 60W bulb. If hooked to a dimmer , a device that controls the amount of electricity entering the light bulb you can make a very good impression about how the first  lighting system looked like.

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Looking from the decorative point of view multiple pendant lamps like that create a wonderful moody environment. Being an incandescent lamp this not only will emit a soft glowing light, but heat as well, so hanging them from the ceiling and with some extra cord lower them a little bit so the environment can benefit from both these two components.

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You will have to be carefully though, because a professional installation is recommended and more important these bulbs will only work in 110- 120 Volts outlets, so if in your country  there is a higher voltage will have to use a converter and an outlet adaptor.  Costing around 32.02 EUR, this is a good investment if you want a glimpse of the times when the light bulb was super modern.