Graham Wicker Chandelier

Chandeliers are supposed to be great and to show greatness. They are meant to be placed in big rooms where everyone can admire them. They usually have more light bulbs and that is why they are used in large areas and it would also be a pity to use them in small rooms where they take all the view and air. Anyway, this particular Graham Wicker Chandelier is great and it should be valued. It deserves to be admired for the big curvy arms and the nice and elegant metal threads that hang underneath, making it more interesting as design. But it is not only the bronze finish and the impressive size that you immediately notice about this chandelier: I think you will immediately notice the wicker lamp shades.

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Graham chandelier1View in gallery

I know there is the possibility to choose fabric ones that are more transparent and more normal, but I also think the wicker shades are by far more interesting in design. They filter the light the light bulbs cast and it shows in beams in an interesting attractive way. Besides, it is more natural and people have the tendency to follow the new trend of coming back to nature, of using natural stuff in everything around them. The chandelier is a bit heavy since it is made of iron, but once the hardware is properly installed, there should be no problems. It is available for $179 from Pottery Barn.