Graffiti Inspired Apartment Building in Luxembourg

Metaform Architects have designed an amazing apartment building. Located in Luxembourg City, this 4,000 square foot building is a gorgeous place to live in. With four apartment units this place is a dream come true, a piece of heaven.

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This project is all about architecture and art, the two extending and completing each other in order to create an intriguing, vivid and dynamic, yet intimate, welcoming and friendly ensemble. Created with the involvement of the Luxembourgish artist SUMO, this building is a statement of beauty and style. Inspired by graffiti artwork, SUMO has covered the space from ground to the ceiling with these paintings in a way that is subtly integrated in the space.

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The artwork presents overhanging volumes with yellow, orange and red clouds. These are the only colors you will see throughout the entire building, except for some pieces of furniture that give continuity to the art. Also, they have used unique materials such as black shiny extruded metal that gives it a structural character. In the apartments everything is white, the design is clean and simple with modern furnishings that have a hint of color and gives it flavor.

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Luxembourg City-based studio has created a stunning building that is not only intriguing, but also fun and friendly. It is a tribute to graffiti and an astounding place to land.{found on homedsgn}