Graff Aqua Sense Shower

In this more and more competitive world, people seek constantly more and more gadgets and tools to make their lives easier. Every segment imaginable found in our everyday life, struggle to get the most from you, to be the number one product on your buy list. Now there is a serious competition on the smart phones market, smart cars, smart TVs, etc. Everything nowadays has to be smart. Trying to keep up with the trends a company has developed  the Graff Aqua Sense, a shower that turns itself into a spa. It is of course designed for those who appreciate such a gadget and most of all afford it.

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It is for those who think that just taking a shower is a dull experience. Well, not anymore. This product incorporates a series of sensors with are connected to a central unit controlling the water flow to prevent water wastage. Inside there is a waterfall-like experience created a specialized system embedded into the wall, and to complete the wonderful experience a relatively now concept was implemented in the ensemble : color therapy.

Thanks to a 4 colored LED lighting system , that changes by mood and choice the bath experience becomes more soothing that it already was. You would think that such a system is very complicated to control. Think again; this wonderful system has a wonderful touch screen display, allowing you to very easily control everything, even music. Yes you’ve heard me. Just plug an iPod or any music player through an USB port and your favorite music will complete the wonderful experience. This is not a shower or a mini-spa, this is the ultimate relaxation and entertainment experience.{found on Domus Web}.