Gradient Table from Areaware

I have been fascinated by colours and shades and hues ever since I started studying Arts in schoo l. That is when I discovered the power of colours, when I saw that if you place the right colours and hues next to each other you can turn a plain sheet of paper into something beautiful. So if you choose the right kind of furniture that is all painted in different shades and hues, you will have the centerpiece of your living room, the object that draws attention and also makes a room more beautiful and interesting. Here is the Gradient table from Areaware that illustrates what I have just said above.

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The designer Paul Loebach chose lacquered wood as the material for this table and the different hues of blue for painting it. The uniqueness of this table is given by the fact that it has more boards on the side of the table and each of these boards is coloured in a different hue of blue, starting from pure white, light blue and finishing with dark blue. The chromatic effect is great , as for the rest the table is pretty common. This creates an ascent of saturation of colour from bottom to top and the visual impact is the one making this table so nice. You can buy it now for $350.