Graceful kitchen faucet from Brizo

It’s true that the kitchen should be, first of all, practical and functional. But this doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful too. While most designers focus on functionality, durability and all that stuff, Brizo also adds to the list the appearance of their pieces.

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Vuelo, the last creation from Brizo, is the perfect example for that. With a very beautiful and graceful design inspired by the lovely swan, this faucet is almost too beautiful to be true. It’s an exquisite piece. Of course, with a faucet like this, the rest of your kitchen should be on the same level. A lot of people usually spend very little time when choosing items like the faucet or the shower head because the think they all look the same anyway so they might as well be quick and choose one. In this case they would be terribly wrong. There’s no other piece that could be compared with this unique kitchen faucet.

Now that you’ve seen how beautiful it looks, the only problem remaining is knowing if it’s more than the look that is impressive. In fact, it is. Using Innoflex and Diamond Seal technologies, the creators of this faucet ensures us that it’s going to look smooth and like-new for many years to come. And, of course, it’s a very durable, resilient and high-quality piece.