Gothic Style Lounge with LCD by IPE Cavalli

Nowadays technology has taken over our lives. You can see a lot of hi-tech furniture that is luxurious and comfortable, such as the chaise lounges, which include the Crystal chaise lounge, Sand&Birch’s new Double chaise lounge, Ray chaise lounge with iPod connection, and the latest is a double chaise lounge in neo Gothic styling by IPE Cavalli.

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Made out of polar wood of 40 mm thickness this comfy looking lounge has its frames and armrests made from polished stainless steel. This lounge is a part of Visionnaire collection which was created by the collaboration of the people from the world of interior design and hi fashion.

Amongst its many features the most important one is the LCD monitor (23 inch) that is attached to the theorem in a glossy lacquer. It is equipped for the antenna cables, S-Video, audio output and S-VGA. Another interesting feature is its look. It is decorated with details in the Gothic style in polished chrome-plated aluminum that makes it last longer. The counterweight of the lounge is made of galvanized steel coated with polished stainless steel. What’s more it has everything you need to feel comfortable, like Filler cushions, foam, pillows and headrests.

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First showcased in Furniture Fair Salone del Mobile in Milan the chaise lounge with LCD is an incredible sofa. Not only is it comfortable, but it is also hi-tech.