Gorgeous “Virtue of Blue” by Jeroen Verhoeven

Blue color symbolizes many things. It can refer to physical things, metaphorical symbols or can characterize somebody. First of all it is always associated with the blue sky or the blue sea. Then, psychologically speaking, a person who loves blue is associated with certain moral and pshychological characteristics.

Virtue of Blue Jeroen Verhoeven 7

The Dutch artist and designer, Jeroen Verhoeven used this wonderful color and combined it with the shape of some butterflies in order to create a gorgeous “Virtue of Blue”. Butterflies have always fascinated us with their wonderful colors and float in the air. They usually gather around a source of light if they are specie of night, like many other insects which seem to be attracted by different sources of light.

“Virtue of Blue” is the title for a beautiful chandelier, made from five hundred solar butterflies which seem to float around a source of light, which is a hand blown glass bulb.

Virtue of Blue Jeroen Verhoeven 7

During the day these five hundred butterflies cut from sapphire blue photovoltaic cells collect the solar energy so that the lamp can produce light during the night.It is a gorgeous solar chandelier which can create a special romantic ambiance or which can charm you with its beautiful blue butterflies.