Gorgeous Vegetable Market Design Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands

More and more people seem to appreciate the delicious taste of fresh fruits, vegetables or also called bio products. I remember that a couple of years ago all these products were not so much treated with all kinds of toxic additives or other similar products  and they could be found in the markets at the real owners.

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I am one of these people who love to consume all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables and now I try to teach my little girl the same healthy habit. Every person should consume fruits and vegetables every day as they provide us the necessary of vitamins and other healthy substances that our body needs.

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A walk to the market is always a pleasant thing for me and my family and perhaps it would become more relaxant if we had a gorgeous Vegetable Market Design Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands. This is a modern market, located in Moscow and called Tsvetnoy Central Market. The attractive point of this space is the ceilings. They have some stainless steel panels which are polished and the reflection of people that walk under them and of the other objects create an amazing design and atmosphere.

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Tsvetnoy Central Market is a seven storey market where you can relax after a long walk of shopping at the restaurant that there is at the upper floor or other bars that there are around.