Gorgeous Private Residence by Design Partnership

This next two storey private residence in Johannesburg, South Africa was designed by architectural studio Design Partnership. This first class property benefits from a lot of contemporary and luxurious features and seems to be floating.

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To start with, this wonderful work of art is one of those homes that give you the sense of comfort without having to compromise style. This contemporary house has large floor-to-ceiling windows which let natural light flood the rooms. It has big, airy rooms with some funky light fixtures that give it flavor by night and an industrial look by day. Moreover it features a gorgeous staircase that is highlighted by light, a bespoke kitchen and a fully stocked bar for hip parties.

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In order to make it feel even bigger that it already is, the architects created open spaces that are great for entertaining family and friends. The house is highly functional and high tech, has modern furnishings, very well divided spaces and an eclectic flair. Some other important features are the big courtyard and great swimming pool for cooling during hot summer days.

This contemporary home is a chic place, it has luxurious features and great spaces. It is everything you could ever dream for and even more.