Gorgeous Montanara by Gaetano Pesce

One of the holiday destinations that most of us prefer is the mountain. The fresh air that we breathe from the high altitudes, the magnificent views make of the mountain area a special tourist attraction. We remind ourselves dearly of the hiking that we did on the narrow and abrupt paths of mountain or of the noisy waterfalls that we met during our route.

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In case we would have wanted to reach a plateau and we would have used a cable, we were taken by surprise by the difference of temperature given by the difference of altitude. You could leave the base of the mountain with the sun burning above your head and you were reaching on its peaks where snow was all over the place. It is a miracle of nature that we would like to see more often. Many of us prefer to spend the days of vacation in the middle of nature for the peacefulness that we find here, far away from the noise of the towns.

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Here you get wonderful moments of relaxation and of interior peace. All these beautiful interior feelings are reflected in the design used by Gaetano Pesce for Montanara, the couch that was created by him. It is a wonderful idea of getting nature inside your home. You can sit comfortable on the waterfall- shaped cushions supported by the backside mountain- shaped of this couch. This colored couch can be separated into two comfortable armchairs that will bring a drop of nature into your home.