Gorgeous Modern Biasa Shop by PT Green Design

Today we would like to present you a stunning shop in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. Completed by Bali-based design studio PT Green Design, this retail outlet is a contemporary oasis. The pricey boutique stocks Indian silks and top quality linens and rayons for men and women.

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This beautiful shop is an eclectic space that combines traditional and modern with locally sourced materials. The designer wanted to create something that fits the client’s personality and wishes, while making the space as efficient as possible. Having already designed another shop for the same client, this project was a little easier.

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The Biasa shop is designed with an interesting ceiling panel combined with a natural material. The local material used becomes mixed with a modern language. Moreover bright yellow is smattered throughout this high-class store. The designer also used amazing light fixtures in order to accentuate the shop and its products. Furthermore he used merban wood for the floors, rusted steel for the stairs and warm colors that bring out the personality of the Balinese property.

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The lovely modern Bali shop has a lot to offer, stating with the design and ending with its gorgeous products. If you are ever in Bali then we suggest you take a look in the Biasa shop, you won’t regret it.