Gorgeous home in Martha’s Vineyard with a turquoise interior

If you want a breath of air, you should go out of town. And if you want to feel closer to nature even from inside your house, then you should choose a color which will remind you of the sky, of fresh air and water. This color is surely pale blue. But how about turquoise? Well, turquoise is a great substitute because it also contains a little of the forest’s green and it is a much stronger color.

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The next house is designed in pastel walls, most of them white and pale turquoise.  House is not exactly the right word, because, in my opinion, the property is an authentic mansion. The property is situated Martha’s Vineyard and was designed by Patrick Ahearn and Gauthier-Stacy. Besides the astonishing outdoor space with all the appendices and enormous courtyard with pool, the mansion’s interior is the one that represents the cherry on top.

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The house has tall ceilings which give the impression of light. This characteristic combined with the light pastels makes you feel really cozy inside. The general feeling is comfort and relaxation. Besides white, the chromatic theme is given by turquoise walls, furniture or accessories, depending on the room.

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The turquoise is gently combined with soft hues of brown and cream. All the inside decoration is very sophisticated. In the living room you will be surprised to find a telescope, in the bedroom you will see a modern fireplace and the bathroom has an old school independent bathtub.{found on houseofturquoise}.