Scandinavian Beauty Strikes Again – Gorgeous Flat With Glass Wall Partitions

The appeal of a certain space and interior design is always given by something else, depending on the style, location and numerous other factors. In the case of this gorgeous Swedish apartment, for example, the most striking feature is represented by the glass walls which completely transform the bedroom.

Small Flat in Stockholm Bedroom Transparent WallsView in gallery

Small Flat in Stockholm Bedroom Transparent Walls1View in gallery

The glass partition takes away some of the privacy but in return it creates a very airy and open feel, completely transforming the bedroom and the image of this particular room as we know it.

Small Flat in Stockholm Bedroom Transparent Walls Large Floor mirrorView in gallery

The large mirror resting on the wall further emphasizes the openness and spaciousness of the room. At the same time, it connects the space with the rest of the apartment even more than usual.

Small Flat in Stockholm Living roomView in gallery

The layout of the apartment is interesting and unusual. The bedroom resembles a glass-encased box which is integrated into an open floor plan. The living area occupies most of the remaining space.

Small Flat in Stockholm Corner FireplaceView in gallery

A corner fireplace gives the apartment a cozy and welcoming look. This type of fireplace is commonly seen in Nordic interiors and it’s one of the main elements that contribute to the overall eclectic décor.

Small Flat in Stockholm Round Dining TableView in gallery

In general, the interior is modern, featuring simple furniture with clean lines and simple shapes. You can best observe this detail here, where the living area, the dining space and the balcony are captured in one single photo.

Small Flat in Stockholm Wood FurnitureView in gallery

Small Flat in Stockholm TVView in gallery

A series of accent features such as the coffee table or the fireplace give the apartment a mixed ambiance, a touch of rusticity or traditionalism which connect the space to its history and past.

Small Flat in Stockholm BalconyView in gallery

The balcony is quite small. It nicely captures views of the surroundings and its open design makes it very refreshing.

Small yet Stylish Flat in Stockholm kitchenView in gallery

The door which leads into the balcony is facing the kitchen, which is also part of the open floor plan along with the living room, dining area and some would say even the bedroom.

Small yet Stylish Flat in Stockholm kitchen1View in gallery

The kitchen is modern and mostly white, except for a few accent details. Although not very spacious, it offers plenty of storage space.

Small Flat in Stockholm BathroomView in gallery

Small Flat in Stockholm Bathroom1View in gallery

The bathroom has a shower with a glass partition, similar to those that encase the bedroom. It’s a nice recurring feature.

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