How To Decorate For Fall – 5 Fresh DIY Projects

Although fall is not as exciting as spring, there are definitely some very interesting decorating ideas you can try. Halloween is definitely a great opportunity to make a change in your home’s décor. You can find some inspiration in the following projects. They’re not designed to be scary but rather to capture the beauty of autumn.


The changes of color in the trees are the first clue that autumn is coming. You can capture the beauty of those moments by using fallen leaves to make a beautiful fall decoration for your home. Combine several leaves and make a rose. Use some twine or wire to keep the bouquet together. You can display them using a large leaf as a background.{found on lobzik}.

Autumn pumpkin flower

Pumpkins are a big symbol of autumn. They’re pretty much everywhere and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. A lovely idea suggested on mottesblog is to turn a pumpkin into a vase for fresh fall flowers. That’s actually a perfect way to use your leftover Halloween pumpkins. You can paint the pumpkin if you want.

Orange pomander flower bouquet

If you want to make a fall centerpiece, then using flowers is your easiest option. But don’t stop there. Give your centerpiece a unique look and some fragrance. Combine fresh flowers with tangerines and oranges. On homemadebycarmona you can find out how to decorate the oranges with whole cloves. You’ll need some skewers for this.

Pompom Fall Flowers Bouquet

Instead of using fresh flowers which only last for a few days, you can get some inspiration and make pom-pom flowers. If you want to dress your bouquet for Halloween, use yarn in orange, yellow and dark gray or black. Display your pom-pom flowers in a mason jar vase. Paint the jar black.

Tin cans flower vase

If you want to make something beautiful for Thanksgiving, you can check out the project on designimprovised. The supplies required include clean metal cans, some paint and clear wax. Basically all you have to do is paint the cans. Pick some vintage colors if you like the look. You can then display some feathers or flowers in the cans.