Google’s Madrid Headquarters – A Playful Mix Of Colors And Geometric Shapes

We already have a pretty complete list of Google offices and headquarters which we have analyzed so far and today we’re adding to that list one more beautiful example. It’s the Madrid headquarters and it was a project by London practice Jump Studios. The office occupies two floors of Torre Picasso and features a colorful interior.

Googles madrid headquarters

As expected, the space is defined by flexibility and functionality. The client requested a friendly and also unique workspace that would also reference the local charm. The architects came up with a playful, color-coded design. The lower level contains the reception area, the lecture area, the theatre and the canteen as well as an office space. The kitchen is surrounded by a cork wall with storage shelves and cabinets.

Googles madrid headquarters1

Googles madrid headquarters2

Googles madrid headquarters4

Googles madrid headquarters5

Googles madrid headquarters6

Google’s Madrid headquarters combines traditional Spanish elements with details specific to the company’s other offices.

Googles madrid headquarters7

Googles madrid headquarters8

Googles madrid headquarters10

Googles madrid headquarters11

The upper level features timber arches similar to those found in traditional Spanish architecture and they separate the workspace from the meeting rooms and cubicles. Of course, the office also has a recreational area. On the same level you can find informal presentation areas, a massage room and a hammock area.

Googles madrid headquarters12

Googles madrid headquarters13

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Googles madrid headquarters3

Overall, there’s a high degree of flexibility and functionality and it also has a strong identity. The layout and the décor suit the company’s style. It’s a harmonious mix of bold colors, dynamic décor, unusual materials and traditional details.