Golden Compass Side Table

What I knew about the Golden Compass was the fact that it is a very well-known movie that was meant for the kids but most liked by adults and which had less success than expected. Any way, I like Geography and everything connected to it, so no compass will leave me uninterested. So this very name attracted me and I tried to find out more about it. So I realized that the item I am going to describe here is actually a side table. It does resemble an old compass with golden lines, but nothing further.

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This table is round and pretty small in size, having 18” in diameter x 28”OH. It is supported by one leg that has four other “claws” that keep it in balance on the ground. The leg is made of gold wood and the table top is made of lacquered wood. It looks antique because it is an old item that has been repainted and refurbished. The most interesting part for me is the table top which is brown, but has some golden rays coming out of the center, just like the arms of a compass, showing the way. If you want it you can have it for $325.