Gold Base Colette Side Table

Continuous designs have always been something that caught our eye. There’s something about them that is very appealing. The Colette side table also makes use of this principle but in a more delicate way. The table has a very simple design and this makes it stand out. Its elegant simplicity allows it to make a splendid addition in ay room of the house. Moreover, it makes it very versatile.

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The Colette side table features a gold leaf base with a sinuous and continuous shape. The lack of details is compensated by the dual character of this element. The base has a delicate shape with soft curves but it’s also very strong and stable. The gold leaf base is complemented by a gold-trimmed glass top with a round form. The base is the main attraction of the design. The top is transparent and allows us to focus on the base while it only complements the design. It also suits it well since it also has the same characteristics as the base but in a different form.

The table is simple, elegant and versatile and it could be used in the living room or in the bedroom where it could serve as a bedside table. Its overall dimensions are 25″ diameter x 21″ high, another detail that makes this table versatile. It’s made of iron and glass and has a simple and timeless design. It can be purchased at the price of $495.00.