Goa Rug

I don’t know if you noticed that but I think most furniture is designed to have a natural colour, very close to beige and brown. The colour may range from very light beige and cream to dark brown, but it still remains in this area. My own furniture is brown and I remember when I went to buy a nice carpet for my living room, I had to look for some colours that match my furniture because blue for example will not go with it at all. That is why the guys who designed Goa Rug thought it would be a good idea to manufacture this rug in similar tones. So now you have Goa Rug in Light Beige Mocha.

Yhst 81896639215747 2188 92251333The design of this rug tries to combine a tradition style with contemporary tendencies and the result is amazing. You can see big floral patterns intertwined with geometrical ones and I admit it works like a charm. As I said the design is pretty unique and each rug is special, as it is hand washed, hand finished and hand tufted in India. As all great rugs this one, too, is made of wool and what better place to find premium quality wool than New Zealand? It is perfect for any home, be it modern or just classic and you can choose your preferred size for a price ranging from View in gallery

$79.00 – $1,119.00.