Go Green: 10 accessories and furniture pieces for a fresh look

Green is a very beautiful and versatile color. It’s also the perfect color for a fresh and bold décor. It comes in many different shades and it can also be combined with other colors for an even more interesting contrast. Also, green is a simple way of bringing nature inside your home and creating a smooth transition with the outdoor areas. Let’s see a few examples.

1. The E27 Socket Lamp by Muuto.

The E27 Socket Lamp by Muuto

This lamp is simply beautiful. It has a minimalist design and it’s both contemporary and romantic. It’s the essence of a lamp in its true beauty. The lamp is made of silicone, measures 125 mm in diameter and comes with a 4m cord. You can buy it for $89.00, it’s available in several colors and green is one of them.

2. The Jacqui Tea/Side Table.

The Jacqui Tea/Side Table

This minimalist and colorful side table is offered by Bungalow 5 and it comes in several vibrant colors. This particular model features a tone of green that look very beautiful in combination with the simple shape and the elegant lines. The table is bold and would make a beautiful focal point. It’s also very versatile and it can be easily included anywhere from the living room to the bedroom and the playroom.Available for 420$.

3. The Dizzie side table by Arper.

The Dizzie side table by Arper

The Dizzie table features a minimalist and very clean design with a combination of two tones: white and green. It has a steel base and a conical shape. The dimensions of the table are 19.9″w x 18.3″d x 19.5″h and the price is $365. It would make a very simple but also eye-catching addition to any interior.

4. Modern Chartreuse clock.

Modern Chartreuse clock

What better way to add color to your décor that with something that’s both beautiful and practical. A wall clock can help you with that and this one is lovely. The clock is available in two colors, the complementary green and red. The green version is fresh and simple and look very beautiful with the aluminum hands and the minimalist design. The clock costs $65.00 and measures 10’’ in diameter.

5. The Knoll ® Spark Lounge Chair.

The Knoll ® Spark Lounge Chair

The chair is crafted from integrally colored, textured, glass reinforced polypropylene, with a comfortable seat made of molded polyurethane foam with a soft textile cover. It’s a versatile piece of furniture suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Its legs have rubber glides to protect the floors and the seat pad is for indoor use only. The chair costs $247 and this particular model comes in other chic colors as well.

6. The Arper leaf lounge chair.

The Arper leaf lounge chair

This is another very beautiful lounge chair, although very different from the previous one. It has a contemporary and nature-inspired design and it’s also versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The dimensions of the chair are 25″ x 33″ x 29″h and it costs $836.00.

7. The Uzbek rug.

The Uzbek rug

Another simple and practical way of introducing color in the décor is through the rug. The Uzbek rug has a flat woven construction and features a beautiful combination of emerald and grey. It’s made of 100% wool and has a rectangular shape. Custom sizes can be ordered and different colors are available as well.Price on request.

8. The PB classic stripe duvet cover and sham.

The PB classic stripe duvet cover and sham

The bedroom needs color as well. This lovely set features a tone of sage green, very delicate and stylish. The stripes are a classical and elegant detail. The pieces are woven of 400-thread count cotton and the duvet and sham are reversible. They are machine washable and come in several different sizes.Available at 121 euros.

9. The Charlotte mirror.

The Charlotte mirror

A mirror is an accessory that has a double function. It serves both as a stylish decoration and as a practical item. This particular model has a modern and minimalist design with lacquer finish frame and antique glass. Besides the green model, other colors are available as well. The dimensions of the mirror are 28.5 X 59H.Available on request.

10. The Link medium floor lamp.

The Link medium floor lamp

Simple and functional, the Link floor lamp is perfect for workspaces. It has a flexible design that allows you to adjust its position and LED lighting. The lamp was designed by Peter Stathis for Pablo. It’s made of aluminum and measures 26w 10d 50h. Other colors are available as well.Available for 420$.