Glowing in the Dark LED Bench from Opulent Items

If you have a big and beautiful house with a nice garden, you will certainly want something special in it, to make it out of the ordinary. And what could be better than something original and unusual, something you can’t even dream of? Well, people are very creative and the guys from Opulent Items came up with a new and “glowing” idea: to produce garden benches that literally glow in the dark. This is the LED bench that will cast a nice warm light around it and you will be able to control what colour to be the light, to change the colours depending on your mood and also to change the speed of the changing colours , all by remote control.

The only condition for it to work is to be plugged in a power outlet or else it will be just like an ordinary bench. It does not necessarily have to be an outdoor item as you can use it very well inside, for example in a club or your own house, but it creates a magical atmosphere wherever you might place it. You should not be worried if it stays in the sun or rain, as it is totally weather proof. The LED bench has an acrylic seating on a stainless steel base and the seating does not get warm from the LEDS. But, of course, all these amazing features come with a price, so you can purchase it for about $6,500.

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