Globus Chair

Modern furniture is characterized by simple design and usefulness. Things are useful and decorative at the same time and they are made of very few components, mainly plywood and metal , looking very cool and organized. Nothing is out of the place or too much, no useless adornments, but plain and simple items that still look great. This Globus Chair for example looks great, but it is so simple in design that you wonder how come you did not have the idea of designing it.

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It was designed by Jesús Gasca for Stua and has beautiful shapes and curves. The seat is curved and perfect for a comfortable sitting and the backrest also follows the natural curve of the human body, but brings a very interesting look. It is somehow carved in the middle, but the space created only brings a bit of curiosity to our minds and challenges our imagination. The chair is completed by the four beautiful legs made of chrome that are securely fixed under the chair in the four corners of the square seating. The seat is also attached to the chair with the help of a shiny chrome piece, which only adds a new feature to the overall design.

The chair is now available in other colours that natural wood and you can buy it for $278 in chrome and $329 with a matte chrome frame.