Glazed Facade Villa in Slovakia

Villa P is a contemporary residence located in Karlovarská, 04011 Košice – Západ, Slovakia. It has a quite strange design, especially considering the exterior part. It’s because it has a series of external spaces that make the connection between indoor and outdoor that have unusual designs. These are the terrace and balcony and hey feature roofing and external blinds, elements that make these spaces the most dominant features of the design.

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The house was a project developed by Architektonicke Studio Atrium and it was completed in 2012. It covers an area of 350.0 square meters. The concept at the base of this project was simple. The client requested a structure that would incorporate the main house as well as the garage and that would have a modern and continuous look. The architects did that by creating a large structure with several separate zones.

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The house features a garage wing that creates a strong contrast with the rest of the house. Internally, it has a functional structure. The rooms that are oriented towards west are connected to the exterior by a glazed façade. It features wooden tiling and also includes the terrace and balcony that we have described earlier. On the other sides, the rooms are overlooking the garage and its green roof. The residence was mostly built using concrete and wood, two contrasting materials that create a nice balance of textures and colors.