Glass display shelf

Everyone has personal items that he cares about. Whether it’s a collectible or a personal memory like a photo or a souvenir, it deserves to be placed somewhere where it can be seen. A glass display box is perfect for this. It provides a safe space where the item doesn’t get damaged and where dust can’t enter and it allows the item to be admired by everyone.

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It’s almost like a museum display shelf. This simple box is made of glass with a metal frame. The structure has a nice antique bronze finish. The piece is very simple and also very easy to hang. The back is opened so it’s easy to add or remove objects inside the box. The back side has two holes in the corners of the metal frame. This makes it easy to mount on the wall. The dimensions of this display box are 5.25″w x 5″d x 6″h. Each piece is sold individually for $19. You can use them separately or you can form a more elaborate display by using multiple boxes. It’s a basic piece, with a standard square shape and no additional details and ornaments.

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It’s a very nice choice for those who want to share their precious memories with the other family members or guests. Also, the top of the display box can also be used as storage for other small objects, like maybe a photo frame or other lightweight pieces.Available for 19$ each.