Glass Bathroom Suites by Ceramica GSG

If you love glass take a look at the latest glass bathroom suite by Italy’s Ceramica GSG. What I really like about these glass bathroom suites is that they are so gorgeous on a white background giving a modern look to the entire room. The collection of wall-mounted and sinks, toilets and bidets is complemented with high-polished chrome hardware.

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The result is a fascinating one. The glass has this effect on people. It’s a material that can be used for just about anything, starting with the glass doors and windows, the glass coffee tables, Even glass bed frames and chairs, continuing with the usual glass pendants and lamps and finishing by the glass features that we usually see in the bathrooms. But a bathroom designed entirely in glass is something unusual.  The glass really creates a impression of larger space because it’s transparent and it also has an elegance that you can’t obtain by using other materials. It’s definitely an unique design.