Glamorous Radisson Blu Hotel

One of my favorite colors is blue. I just adore this color which makes me feel great and comfortable. Blue clothes, blue accessories, a blue car or anything else are things that will always be on my favorite list. Even the day I said “yes” in front of my future husband was marked by this color. I wore a light blue suit, my jewelry was also light blue and my husband’s suit was dark blue too.

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Blue is a color that can you associate it with a light blue sky or the blue water of a river or sea that fascinates our sights.In Chicago it has appeared Radisson Blu hotel, in a building that is called the Aqua Tower. The moment you see the structure of this building you will know why it was called like that. Its exterior design imitates the wavy surface of water while its rooms are dominated by the blue accents.

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It is a place where you can relax spending some moments at the fitness centre, enjoying a great meal in the Italian restaurant or taking advantage of the large bar or other offers that you cannot refuse.

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You will be amazed by the lobby design which will impress you with its wall made of gold metal discs, the huge white floor lamps or the gallery art of the hotel. Everything seems glamorous, even in the bathroom there is a black tile flecked with sparkles.