Glamorous Bell Lamp

Each room of a house may have its personality and décor. Usually the details are those that capture your attention. An interesting shape of a bookshelf, a colorful lamp or an elegant glass top coffee table may be some eye-catching items that will definitely determine a certain ambiance and style. Those who would like add more extravagance or create a glamorous atmosphere will choose some sparkling elements. Their brightness and elegance will create a special atmosphere where people will admire their refinement and glamour.

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The Italian firm, Baxter designed the glamorous Bell Lamp that will definitely become an eye-catching item for any kind of room of the house. The sparkling lamp shade of the pendant lamp is made of adjoined bells .Each time they move that reflect the light and twinkle so that the atmosphere becomes warm and joyful. You can already imagine an elegant dining table above which you can hang a pair of Bell Lamps and create an ambiance full of refinement and glamour. Due to their sparkling design you may get a glamorous club atmosphere in your living area and make your guests enjoy the beautiful ambiance like in a famous club in the town.

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Each of us likes to have something to get the other people’s attention. Baxter speculated the people’s interest in attractive things and created the glamorous Bell Lamp. Its sparkling design will transform each room into an elegant and bright interior where people will be enchanted to feel like some real VIPs or some refined guests like in a luxury club.