Glamor In The Details – 12 Lofts by OOOOX

12 Lofts is a project by OOOOX, situated in Prague, Czech Republic. It impresses with its simplicity and glamor. Although the color palette is simple and neutral, each room has a lot of character.

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A large shared space contains the living space, the dining area and an open kitchen. Large windows occupy a wall almost entirely, letting natural light in and allowing the room to be bright and airy.

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A comfortable L-shaped sofa is facing a wall-mounted TV while a minimalist black coffee table and a traditional area rug complement it with their contrasting designs.

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A classic Wing Chair completes the seating area along with its matching footstool. It occupies the space between the sofa and the glass wall, facing a modern fireplace.

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A set of three mini mini suspension light fixtures hangs above the fireplace, illuminating the nook and turning this corner into a perfect reading area at night.

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A long and rectangular dining table sits behind the sofa. It has a simple and elegant design and the eight Wishbone chairs organized around it offer it a lot of character. At the same time, the woven seats of the chairs and the table top share a connection in terms of style and color.

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The Hope chandelier placed directly above the dining table adds a plus of glamor to the space and to the open floor plan in general.

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Behind the dining table, at the other end of the room is the open kitchen from Bulthaup. Even though these three functions which meet in this large space are parallel to each other, they still share a strong and seamless connection.

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The kitchen has a large island with a stainless steel counter top which, in a way, shares a stylish connection with the light fixtures used throughout the space.

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The wall behind the island is occupied by a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling storage unit. All the appliances and electronics are built in and the overall design is minimalist and symmetrical.

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A smaller room adjacent to this open floor plan can be accessed from the living space via a sliding glass door. It forms two separate spaces. One of them is an intimate seating room with a small sofa and a wall-mounted TV. The second is directly connected to it.

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12-Lofts-seating-areaView in gallery

It serves as a home office and it’s a bright and simple space, with a wall bookcase featuring sliding doors and a desk placed in front of a large windows and complemented by a chic swivel chair.

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The small hallway that leads to the bedroom is illuminated with Sento suspended lamps, the same type used in the kitchen above the island. An abstract black and white wall painting completes the very simple décor.

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The bedroom is spacious, with large windows and long gray curtains. As a matter of fact, light gray is the preferred color for this room. In combination with the white walls and the occasional black accents it creates a relaxing and serene ambiance.

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The bathroom is really spacious as well. The oval, freestanding tub is positioned near the large window, with a sheer curtain in between them. The floor is identical to the one in the bedroom so a smooth and seamless transition is created between the two.

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A double vanity with two washbasins occupies the wall on the left. A long, rectangular mirror connects them. The vanity is wall-mounted and the space underneath it is empty, thus making the room seem even more spacious.

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The toilet is placed in a small nook. It has its own sink and mirror. The toilet is wall-mounted and the water tank is hidden in the wall.

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