Give Your White Bathroom a Fresh Spin

White bathrooms don’t need to be boring or plain – you just need to know how to spruce them up so that they are chic, not just classic. Here are some tips.

Add a Colorful Shower Curtain.

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Small Items of Color Revamp the Room

A shower curtain is an easy way to add some color and creativity to your white bathroom. Best of all, you can change it every now and then if you get tired of the pattern and want something a little different.

Stylish Effects of Nature.

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Plant Life Warms up Sterile White

The use of fresh plants in your bathroom is a lovely way to feel connected to nature. Plus, potted plants work beautifully against the background of white, creating a clean, classy and yet warm room.

Focus on Aspects Other Than Color.

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Take Placement and Lighting into Account

If you like a white bathroom, then go ahead and make everything white! However, break the monotony by concentrating on other things in the room. For instance, where you position the bathtub and cabinets as this can change the room’s look. As seen in the picture above, a bathtub near a window creates a charming and well-lit bathing corner.

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Colorful Light Pendants Become a Focal Point

Also focus on the type of lighting you want in the bathroom. Dangling light fixtures that come in a bright color work well to create places for the eye to go other than to the white walls.

Throw in One Piece of Artwork.

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Create a Stir Against White Walls

You might not think about placing artwork in the bathroom but it’s a great way to invigorate the space and make it visually interesting. A wall of white becomes the perfect accent wall.  Choose a painting or picture that evokes emotion. Make a statement.

Don’t Forget About Texture.

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Wood is a Good Choice to Bring Character

A white bathroom can look a little too uninteresting and hospital-like, therefore it’s always a good idea to bring in a few trimmings that contain texture. An exposed brick wall is a good idea, as is using textured white paint to create a bit more personality and depth. Another option is the infusion of wood, such as seen in the above picture. Wooden shelving or cabinets work well with white and create a trendy yet homely appearance.

Create Space with Mirrors.

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A Big and Beautiful Mirror

The bathroom is the perfect spot for a decadent and luxurious mirror, so go big with this décor accessory. A large mirror also creates the illusion of a larger space. Make sure the mirror’s frame contains a color or pattern. You could opt for gold trimmings or a vintage frame, depending on what décor style you are hoping to create. In this way the mirror looks spectacular against white furnishings.

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