Give your home a romantic makeover with some Valentine’s Day wall art

Valentine’s day is almost here and there’s not much time to get ready. If you want to make your home a little more romantic then you should start planning a makeover. It doesn’t have to be anything major. You can simply add some decorations in order to change the atmosphere. Some wall art would definitely help. Here are a few ideas that you could use:

Valentine’s Day Glittered Bunting Wall Art.

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If you like working with glitter then you’ll also like this project. You can start with a blank 10×10 canvas. First add a coat of acrylic paint. Feel free to choose any colors you want. Then cut some scrap paper in the shape of triangles. Arrange them and the letters and then add the ribbon that connects them. Sprinkle some glitter and you’re done.{found on sistersofthewildwest}.

Valentine’s Day Floating Heart Wall Art.

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For this project you’ll be working with hearts. First you’ll need to find a frame from a painting, mirror or photo. Then cut some hearts out of card stock. Make sure you have different sizes and different colors. Then all you need is some glue and some twine to complete the project. Find an arrangement that you like, lay the strong on top glue everything. Then attach the arrangements to the frame.{found on makinghomebase}.

String Wall Art for Valentines Day.

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If you have the patience necessary for this kind of projects, you may also try string art. First find a font that you like and cut out the word love to use as a template. Tape it to a piece of wood and hammer the nails along the edge of the letters. And now the fun part. Instead of twisting the string by hand you can try to use a pencil. Remove the mechanism and slide the string through it. Then make sure the string goes randomly through the nails until it all looks evenly covered.{found on quelinda}.

Valentine’s Day Embroidery Hoops.

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An embroidery hoop could also be a nice and fun idea. For this project you’ll need embroidery hoops of any size, fabric scraps, felt scraps, acrylic paint, buttons, a hot glue gun, a paintbrush and a template for cutting flowers. Paint the hoops and let them dry. Then pick two colors for the base fabric and place them in between the embroidery hoops then tighten. Cut out the hearts and attach them. After that, add some embellishments and you’re done.{found on theidearoom}.