Give Your Home A Cozy, Cabin Feel This Winter

When the weather outside is cold and not that friendly, when the winter exerts its powers, we all wish we could be in a cozy, warm cabin. Cabins are very nice and inviting mostly because they’re built with wood which is always warm and has the ability of creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. But you don’t necessarily have to travel in order to enjoy that atmosphere. You can recreate it inside your home. You just need to know which elements and details to use.

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For example, a fireplace would really change the atmosphere. You’d be able to get warm and sit comfortably in front of the fireplace, watching the flames and listening to the crackling of the wood. Put the fireplace in the bedroom if you wish to make it more relaxing and inviting or in the living room where everyone can enjoy it.

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Use lots of wood. This material has a texture that allows it to feel warm and that also ages very beautifully. Have wooden floors, a wooden ceiling or one with exposed beams and you can even have wood-paneled walls if you really want to recreate the décor of a cabin. To this you can also add wooden furniture and other similar elements

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Then there are also all sorts of other details that you can add to your home in order to give it a cozy cabin-like feel. For example, turn the guest room into a bunk room. It will feel cozier and it would allow more people to use it at the same time, just like in a cabin where you share the space with friends and family.

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Use antiques for a rustic, old feel. They can include shaker chairs, an old trunk and a beautiful chandelier with soft lighting. In addition, you can also have some quilts to keep you and your guests warm. Choose soft textures and friendly patterns.

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Also, another way of making a room feel cozier, especially the bedroom, is to opt for a smaller bed as opposed to a huge one that takes up almost the whole room. This way you’ll be able to cuddle up inside where you’ll feel warm and cozy.You could also take advantage of the views if it’s the case. Opt for large windows and have window seats. You could, for example, get a bench and place it near the window to create a sort of cozy, relaxing area with a pile of pillows, some nice books and a soft blanket.

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