11 Sweet Gift Wrapping Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means nothing without the right gift for the loved one. But the gift alone is not enough this time. It has to be wrapped beautifully because Valentine’s Day is about beauty and love so you have to carefully think of every little detail. If you’re not great at wrapping gifts, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a few ideas you can use.

Valentines day red gif wrap

For example, you could choose to use boxes. Depending on the dimensions of the gift, choose the right box. Then decorate it. You can use washi tape to make some lovely designs.

Be mine love you

You personalize your gift with a nice tag which you can make yourself. Use polymer clay to make the tag in any shape you want. A heart shape would be an easy choice. Then you can also personalize it with letter stamps.

Red white gif wrap

Choosing the right wrapping paper can be a real challenge. If you can’t find a design you want you can make your own wrapping paper. Simply buy pain white paper and customize it.

Gift wrap red white vintage

A simple design can also be charming. For example, use brown wrapping paper and twine for a more rustic look. Add a nice tag and a label and that’s all.

Burlap heart stencil

If a box or simple wrapping paper are not the right choice for the gift you’ve chosen, maybe a cute burlap gift bag would be better. This one has a lovely flower and ribbon and a red ehart. You can buy one or make one yourself.

Pink gift wrap

There are also other options. For example, this is a fabric gift pouch and it’s fairly easy to make. First choose a piece of fabric you like, cut it to size and fold the corners like in the picture. Then make a knot and add a tag.

Valentines day gift

It’s often the smallest detail which makes a design look beautiful. So don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed with all the choices you can make and choose something simple just as brown wrapping paper and twine. Then add an elegant accessory such as a flower.

Rope red heart gift valentines day

Here’s another very simple and also very chic and beautiful gift wrapping idea. Put your gift in a white paper bag, fold it and use twine to wrap it. Then add a red heart-shaped tag which will create contrast.

ValentinesWrapping 05

Red is the main color for this holiday but it can be a little too strong so you can use pink instead and combine it with other softer shades. I really like how the large pink heart looks on the package.

Hearth gift wrap

Be creative and try ingenious gift wrapping techniques. For example, make heart cut outs. It’s actually very simple. You draw small hearts on the back of the wrapping paper and you only cut out one half of each one. Fold it over and then glue colored paper on the inside so you obtain a 3D heart with two colors.

Heart shaped gift stencil

Another cute idea is to make eraser stamps. This is also easy. You can use the eraser ona pencil. Cut out the eraser so it’s heart’ shaped and then dip it in paint. You have a stamp which you can use to decorate the gift.

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