Ghost Tree Coat Rack

Usually people with big houses feel the need to fill them with different things and they can afford it because the space available allows them to purchase all kinds of crazy stuff. But if you really have some taste in design or some eye for artistic things you will certainly try to combine these two and the result will be a spectacular one. This is the case with this Ghost Tree Coat Rack that will make any home an art exhibition. First of all it does not look like a normal coat rack, but rather like a stylized tree that by some miracle work ended up indoors. Then it is totally white, but keeping the natural shape and look, twisted branches and little twigs, all carefully made and assembled together.

Ghosttree large

An then you see the floor support, the one thing that gives it up for being a piece of furniture and not some work of art or piece of nature. It is supported by a round and flat base that keeps the rack pole up allowing it to stand while supporting all the clothes that hang there. It is strong enough to keep more coats, but also flexible like natural tree branches, as it has a steel skeleton. It is manufactured in USA and can be purchased fro $2,100.00.