Ghate Haven an Romanian House on Bran

I come back with an article about the house where I usually stay during my vacations. The house is situated near the Bran castle, and is knows as Gate Haven Business Center which offers a lot of quality services. Designed in a rustic style, it is distinguished by the refined combination of modernism with traditional style. The business center offers  seven rooms with TV, bathrooms and balcony.Also it features a restaurant where you can serve some traditional meals, wine cellar , terraces, conference room and it has its own parking.

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In terms of entertainment the house is situated in the center of Bran, the Bran Castle is just 2 minutes away, with special view to the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains. The business center is ideal for holidays and recreation.

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business center bran1It’s a very nice place where you can relax and enjoy some quality time. Since it’s situated so close to many cultural landmarks, it’s also a nice opportunity to visit some of them. I really recommend this place to anyone who want to find a quiet place to spend the holydays.