Get Your Porch Ready For Summer In 7 Easy Steps

The transition between spring and summer has been rather sudden in the past few years. So as soon as spring settles in there’s really not much time to waste because summer will come along shortly. This means you need to start prepping your porch and outdoor areas and to get them ready. It sounds like a major project and it is. There’s a lot to do and you have to be methodical about it. It’s why we came up with these 7 steps to help you.

Prune the landscape.

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Pruning the trees and plants is an important step. Not only that it allows them to regenerate beautifully and gets rid of all the excess parts but it can also protect your railings and your home and this way less repairing will be needed each year.

Fix the flooring if needed.

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After the landscape has revived and the views became fabulous once again, it’s time to focus on your actual porch. Before you start adding furniture and decorations you have to take care of some basics. One of these things includes checking the flooring to see if anything needs to be fixed. Sometimes it gets damaged during the winter and you have to take care of the problem before it gets more serious.

Paint the ceiling.

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The floor is not the only one that needs your attention after a long winter. The ceiling can get damaged as well. So take a look at it and fix any cracks. Also, it would be a nice idea to add a fresh coat of paint as well. Blue could be a good color for the ceiling as it symbolizes the clear sky that might not always be visible.

Install a few hooks.

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A porch wouldn’t feel right if there weren’t a few beautiful plants to give it color. So buy some hooks and install them. Then you’ll be able to add all the plants you want and to decorate your porch beautifully, making it feel fresh and relaxing.

A fresh coat of paint for the furniture.

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Now that the floor is fixed and the porch is all prepped, it’s time to add the furniture. Get it out of the garage or the storage room and take a look at it. If it doesn’t look quite right maybe it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. This will make your furniture look like new again and will give it a more dynamic look as well.

Arrange the furniture.

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The furniture doesn’t only need to look good n order for the porch to feel inviting and beautiful. It also needs to be arranged properly. It might take a few tries before you’re happy with the arrangement so don’t be impatient. Make sure you feel comfortable when sitting down in the chair or on the sofa and try to imagine yourself being a guest as well.

Light up the porch.

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The porch won’t be used during daytime only so it’s important for you to also take care of the lighting. You can use lamps or any other strategy you want. The important thing is for the light to be bright but not disturbing, to be pleasant for the eye and maybe adjustable.

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